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Sam and Em's Good RiddlesGood Riddles - We love them! Welcome to our website where you'll find the best choice of tricky, fun riddles and brain teasers and jokes online. Some of these we have heard, others we have told, while others we've found and don't want to lose. Most of the quality free riddles we'll pin to the side on the right so that you can access them real quick, but most of all these will make you think and use your brain. Dont worry though, we won't tell you the answer until you click on the riddle question so you won't be able to cheat.

You'll find all kinds of fun things here from animal riddles to "What Am I" type riddles. This is a family friendly site so you'll definitely find a lot of kids riddles here as well, since we are kids. But there will be some for adults as well. They are pretty clever so your parents will have a good time too.

But first a little explanation of our site. On the left, you'll find all of the different categories for the riddles. Over on the right, you'll find sections for the most popular riddles as well as the latest riddles that we add. Oh, and if you have one you want us to hear or don't see on the site, feel free to submit a riddle and we'll review it and get it posted up for the world to enjoy.

2011-11-21 05:57

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